Timer TM08

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The electronic digital TM08 square timers are machines built with the most modern and functional electronic technology with a microprocessor. With easy and immediate programming they allow a good visualization of the calculation on two displays very efficiently. The external START enables the countdown of the timer with instantaneous relay output and a second relay for the final calculation. The memorization of the data occurs automatically at the release of the function button on an eeprom. At the release of START or in the lack of supply the instrument resets itself reimposing the set value. Such a function is similer to the normal electromechanical timer allowing an easy substitution.

MOD.CASE: plastic ABS 48x48x52
SUPPLY: 12 . 24Volt  ac/dc 50/60Hz
CONNECTIONS: Extract terminals
DISPLAY: On  ½’’ display
RANGE: 1sec.99sec / 1min.99min.
OUTPUT: n.1 inst.  relay 10A 250V - n.1 delay relay 10A 250V
INPUT SETTING: On the front button